All programs at the Reserve are designed to be as informative as possible.  We try to cover as many of the PASS skills and Benchmarks for Excellence as possible.  We realize that our 100-acre classroom is the reason you take time away from your regularly scheduled education programs, so we spend the majority of your available time outside.  We also like to have some interactive educational activities, so the students often "role play" to allow the students to see the information in a different format.  Understanding that all students learn in different ways, we will also be trying to incorporate some "hands-on " activities when and where appropriate.

Please feel free to use the following chart to help you select a topic for your class's trip to our classroom! The suggested topics have been selected based on the PASS Skills for each grade level, but we would be happy to cover any topic that would help supplement your classroom curriculum!

Schedule Your Group at the Reserve...

1. Check our Calendar page

2. Go to the Teachers page and pick a topic

3. Email us to find out if your date is available

The Reserve is a 100-acre outdoor classroom located on the Rogers State University campus in Claremore, OK.  Students of all ages use the Reserve as a living textbook to learn the value of conserving our natural resources.  We believe in a hands-on approach to learning!