Cost Share PY26 is now open through April 30, 2024.  Applications can be emailed to us at or can be dropped off at our office at 1900 W. Will Rogers Circle, Suite C during business hours.  For questions, please email or call 918-341-4147.


The District has received $47,000 for cost share PY26.  The District Board voted to fund approved applicants at 75% of the applicants cost with a maximum payment amount of $5,000.  All applicants will be ranked and ranking order will determine who will be funded.  The practices the board has chosen in order of funding are as follows:  Herbaceous weed control (spraying), brush management (woody stems), fencing (cross-fencing), and water facilities.

Cost Share Applications
cost share application.pdf
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Cooperator Agreement
If you do not have a Cooperators Agreement with Rogers County we will need this filled out and submitted as well as the Cost Share Application.
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Native Pasture in Rogers County
Native Pasture in Rogers County

The Oklahoma Legislature established the State Cost-Share Program in 1998 to assist land owners with conservation practices such as but not limited to herbaceous weed spraying, burning, grass planting, nutrient management, ponds and cross-fencing.  The District board obtains input from citizens and other local agencies to determine which conservation practices will be the most beneficial to its constituents and included in the current fiscal year's programs.  This past fiscal year the District has been working on State Cost-Share Program Year 23 and initiating Program Year 24.  Since the inception of this program, contracts have been developed with Rogers County providing $253,325.92 and landowners providing $326,682.23 for their share of the cost of the conservation practice totaling $580,008.15.